Friday, August 25, 2006

Who needs a beach and other stuff

This is what our street looked like this afternoon. We didn't have a drop of rain (well close) for the first six months of the year and it has rained for the last 3 weeks straight. My grass could seriously use a trim but it's been raining everyday. I love that excuse. Tori and Koda had a ball playing in the flooded street. She even got off of the phone with Sierra to go play in it!

I love sleeping when it's raining but after three weeks of it I'm starting to feel like Rumplestiltskin. The kids and I are going downtown to check out 'All One Spirit' . Brandon is into meditating and we all want to check out the store. I need to find out how kid friendly they are. I'm also looking for some smudge sticks. I have a huge cedar that I could use to make some with.

The new owners are also affiliated with GHG Ghosthunters. After our ghostwalk in Tennessee, the boys are really interested in the paranormal. Well, Aaron already was from his years of research into religion and the afterlife but that particular tour was...hmmm....let's just say you had to be there.

I'm still looking for an archery range for Aaron so if anyone knows of one around Pensacola, please let me in on it. He says that if there is one in TN, he'll be sold on moving there.

Brandon is loving his gymnastics. One day he decided that he wanted to do a back flip, drug a mattress out in the back yard and everything. The trampoline wasn't what he wanted. He wanted to do one on the ground. This went on for a few days until I knew I had better find a safe place for him to try it. I called the Flip Factory and they were willing to give him a few lessons on back handsprings. He can do a back handspring now but that wasn't good enough. Soooo he now takes a recreational gymnastics class once a week and after nine classes he can do a back tuck, roundoff and a back handspring. He can do the roundoff and handspring together but isn't comfortable enough to do all three together yet. He works really hard at it and guess what...he chose to do it. Didn't somebody tell me once that if kids had a choice they would always choose the easy stuff? Who was that?


Chico said...

That is really kool LeaAnn! I expect to see a new post and pics at least once a week.

You be good!


Erica said...

Oh! I want some rain! No fair. I agree with Chico, one a week at least!

Anonymous said...

Why does "fixerup's" have the ring of my getting to work wore out at sometime in the future?