Thursday, September 14, 2006

Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Tori, Cody and I went to Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Chipley Fl. Tori loves wolves and this was a dream come true for her. She got to see a lot of them up close and personal with no fences in between. It was really cool and they are beautiful animals.

Most of them are kept in packs in huge enclosed natural habitats. They have woods with a water source in the middle of the enclosures and they can hide in there. At first we weren't sure if they were going to come out but soon they did. One of them was very playful and tugged on the kids pantlegs. She also tried to get my camera which was hanging around my neck. The alpha male of this pack sat behind us off in the corner. He looked pretty nonchalant but I'm sure he had his eye on everybody.

On the other side of the property there were wolves still in pens. They're working on big enclosures for them. We howled until we got the wolves howling. When we stopped we could hear the wolves on the other side answering back.

One pup, Mystic, was very young and Tori got to pet him .

In the last pen were two pups a bit older, they would just lay there and let the kids rub their bellies. I didn't think I'd ever get them to leave after that.

Seacrest is the only wolf preservation in this country that allows visitors in the enclosures with the wolves.

Part of Tori's wolf collection.

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