Monday, April 16, 2007

Family Time!

I know I haven't posted for a long time but hey, I've been busy. Erica, Jesse and kids came from Vegas for a visit this past week and we spent most of it at the beach with Carrie, Nik and kids.

It was fantasically fun and exhausting. We hadn't seen Ethan and Miles since August and it was nice having them here. My house was trashed, yay! With Tori at 11 being the youngest here now, the big toy and food messes are pretty much over. Miles did his part eating cereal, love that milk dripping off of the table, seriously, I do.

Ethan put on 'Wiggles' shows for us, his stage was two rubbermaid tubs stacked. Audience participation was required. The best part was when he came into the living room and stood in front of about 10 of us and pretended to fall asleep. We all had to yell "Wake up Ethan" at the same time. When we did he jumped, shook his head, smiled and said "Thanks everybody for waking me up." Too funny. If you've never seen the Wiggles, it's a big part of the show.

With all seven grandkids here along with all five of my offspring it was chaos and I loved every minute of it. My oldest grandson, Nicky, pointed out that the group was all my doing. Good work LeaAnn, pat yourself on the back.

They're all home now, well except Nicky who hadn't had enough and decided to stay. It's very quiet here and I'm back to trying to grow grass in the front yard and babying my tomato and strawberry plants. They all actually have fruit already. Knock on wood.

As far as what else is new, Aaron has enrolled at PJC for some Japanese language classes and I'm back to selling books and music online. Tori got her braces and is trying to get used to them and Brandon has stopped doing dangerous physical activities for the time being.

And for those of you who miss the beach and for those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing our lovely coast, here's a short video.


Xio said...

Awww, I miss'em already.

Snavleys said...

More jealousy! I love the beach! We had so much fun finding shells on Pensacola Beach last year! So fun to have all your kids and grandkids around. Awesome about Aaron taking Japanese. Part of the reason that Kevin is going to highschool next year is that they offer Japanese there. We will see how that goes, wink wink.