Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Tori and her friend found some tadpoles a couple of months ago and brought them home. They then googled tadpoles and came up with this excellent website. Tori put hers in a fishbowl with some of the same water that they were living in. She has kept it outside and the only new water they've had came from rain. Sierra put hers inside in an aquarium with an air filter and cleaned the water every now and then. They both fed them fish food daily. We're going to look for some crickets or bloodworms soon. Sierra's all died. Tori's are still living and now have back legs. One of them is losing its tail. Soon they will be frogs and she will be sad to see them go. She took a pic, it's blurry but if you look close you can see the back legs. I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow and put it on here and add more as they grow.

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