Sunday, June 10, 2007

Harvest Time...Finally!

I finally got to pick some tomatoes. They are doing really well this year. I attribute it to planting the plants in pure compost from the compost pile that has been cooking for about 2 years, and a new fertilizer called Sta-green. It comes in pellets and no I don't work for them but but it is awesome. The best part is there are tons more tomatoes on the plants!
Now to stash some before Tori and Brandon get to them.


Ren said...

WOW! Those look awesome. I should have tagged you for the 8 things meme, but I thought you weren't blogging much....then here you are with new stuff!

I have a bunch of green tomatoes thus far. The cooler weather I suppose (hint, hint)

I know...I'm evil. smirk.

LeaAnn said...

Whew, got out of that meme thing, sometimes it pays to get behind on everything.