Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grandkids, Bears and Bikes

We hung out with the grandkids so Carrie could get a little break. She has been going non stop since Nik left in August. As always, it was unpredictable, fun and chaotic. Caiden was learning to ride his bike. It was too cute, after a couple of hours of helping him get started, he was speeding all over the place. He even figured out how to do the skid.

I went in to start some pizza and Lexi came in and said "Grandma, there's a bear out there and Caiden is going by it!" What??? She insisted and we thought we better check it out. Sure enough there were two little bears rummaging in someones garbage back at the end of the cul de sac in the pic above. Nicky and Brandon watched it for awhile with me freaking out because they were too close. I took the camera out and told Nicky to get a picture. He didn't tell me that they had left, he just said ok and went off looking for them. He followed them through the woods a bit and got a few shots. They aren't very clear but you get the idea.

It was definitely more exciting then my backyard! Later Brandon, Cody and Brayden played on the piano for awhile, Caiden found a book and Lexi danced to the piano music.



Ren said...

OMG! Bears in P'cola...whoda thunkit? How fun.:)

EcoRover said...

Black bears are not generally dangerous to or predatory on humans, but it is VERY irresponsible for folks to leave garbage out if bears are common. The bears get habituated to it, become unafraid of humans, and bad things can happen. Anyone living around bears should carry pepper spray (or have it handy) and know how to use it: it is an extremely effective, nonlethal means of deterring bear attacks.

See my post about this ("the bluff charge") at http://ecorover.blogspot.com/2008/08/pintler-wilderness-rainbow-lake-warren.html .