Sunday, September 03, 2006

Beach Walk

Today it was in the eighties so we decided to venture to the beach. It's been way too hot all summer to go because we don't like swimming in it, just walking and checking things out. We like Johnson Beach in Perdido Key. It was pretty torn up after Ivan but is now open again. New walkways and everything there now. It's also the place on the cover of my novel!

I took a pic of these tracks and am guessing that they are duck tracks. The sand was pristine in this area. Tori looked for shark teeth for awhile. Brandon found a soft spot to practice flips off of the dunes and Aaron just lay in the sand soaking up his yearly dose of vitamin D. We ended up crossing the street to the soundside and found tons of hermit crabs. They were everywhere.

Tori found this big crab hole while walking back to the van. You can see the tracks if you look around the hole.

She had her trusty net and tried to catch something to look at but no luck. Usually she finds shrimp, flounder, eels and who knows what else. She always puts them back before we leave.

I gathered some pretty cool driftwood, there has to be something I can make with it. We'll probably go back this week since you have to purchase a 7 day pass to get into the place.

Aaron cooked a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs when we got home. It's been a pleasant day.

For anyone who has kids interested in flying check out the EAA website. Find a chapter near you and they give free plane rides to kids ages 8-17.

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