Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Grandkids and Houses

Another day at the beach, I have been to the beach more in the past couple of weeks than I have in the past two years put together. I think because we are planning on moving away everyone wants to make sure we get their fill. Yesterday was with the grandkids which makes it all the more fun. Caiden (age 2) warned me "don't dep on dose rocks, dey huwt." referring to a pile of broken shells. Lexi (age 3) tugged at the bottom of her bathing suit because her "buttlegs" were showing. Too funny. She was referring to the part of her bottom that would show when her bathing suit would ride up. Makes sense to me. She also got to hold a little fish that the older boys had caught for bait to fish with . I don't think she could decide whether she liked the experience or not.
Tori, Cody and Brayden swam the day away.

My son in law is in the Air Force and I have been lucky so far that they're stationed close by. Next year by this time they'll be in New Mexico. I'm going to miss them a lot but I plan on moving too.

Carrie and I were talking about houses having sentimental value. I've lived in this house for eleven years now, everywhere I look I can find a memory. The backyard which for years was nothing but dirt is now almost totally green. My kids have pretty much stopped playing in it, they're on to other things now. The cabin that the kids and I built is still standing, even after hurricanes. We can't take it with us, nor can I take the wall that has all of the kids and grandkids handprints on it. The garden we made for Larrys sundial urn will have to stay, most of the plants wouldn't survive any other climate. The huge oak with the rope swings will have to stay and the spot in the hallway that Tori wrote her name on with a sharpie will have to stay. Everybody is ready to move on though so maybe I'll just have to take a lot of pictures, keep the memories and look to the future.

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Ren said...

It's so hard isn't it. I can still cry just thinking about some of the plants I left behind in Pensacola. Most of them found good homes with neighbors first. sigh.

Moving is hard work.....the emotional stuff is the hardest. But I'm still doing the happy dance cuz I just KNOW you'll all be closer!!:)