Saturday, October 07, 2006

Multicultural Day

The Pensacola Museum of Art had their annual multicultural day today. The museum itself is such a cool place because it used to be a jail a long time ago. From the website:

"When the City of Pensacola decided to replace the Old City Jail in 1954, the Pensacola Art Association made a bid for the building. The Spanish Revival structure was a perfect location for an Arts Center. The Jail was already fireproof, secure and centrally located in Pensacola's Historic Downtown District. When the City allowed the group to lease the old jail for $1 per year, the PAA's Board members pulled together to turn the jail cells into exhibition spaces. Initially, the City leased the building to the PAA, which became the Pensacola Museum in 1982 and, in 1988, the Museum purchased the building that is known to this day as the Pensacola Museum of Art. "

There are still bars over what use to be cells even though they're now used as rooms. We went to Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Norway, Mexico and a few others that I can't remember. Each country had artifacts and exhibits. Tori made a mosaic in Greece,
did some origami in Japan and I got to make my own little troll in Norway. Aaron and Brandon were busy busy watching a guitar player named Billy Howell. He played stuff from a lot of different cultures.

Hanging out in Ferdinand Plaza afterward was nice too.

I wish the Doghouse Deli would have been open, I really miss the coneys from up north. They are unheard of down here in Pensacola. I feel a trip coming on.

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Ren said...

Yes, yes...a trip up North!!:)
There might be a bunch of unschooler here for Halloween ya know!