Sunday, October 29, 2006

Here We Are!

We arrived here in northeast TN Friday after hours of driving in the rain and fog. Yuk. It's great to be here with our favorite family!

Ren took us to the Acoustic Coffee House Friday to see Amy Steinberg. The entertainment was great, the atmosphere nice and cozy and the company excellent. I'm glad that we were here in time for it.

Chico and I have been lost twice now and ended up in Erwin both times. Something keeps pulling us there. I know nothing about the town except that it's full of history, is a great place for a ghostwalk and an elephant was hung there back in the early 1900's for attacking her trainer! You have to read that story.

The fall colors are awesome!! The entire area is just beautiful, you don't have to seek out scenic spots, it's ALL scenic. Even the fast food joints. This one is too cool.

Last night Chico and I kidnapped Ren's kids and we all went to "Fun Expedition". It's a mixture of arcade, laser tag, batting cages, mini golf, indoor go carts andwho knows what else. There was also a pizza buffet. Jalen was a hoot, beat me at air hockey twice! In my defense the table was only two foot tall but hey, I still should be able to beat a five yr old...or is he six already. Tori and Sierra racked up the tickets, bowled a game and rammed each other with bumper cars. The bigger boys found a drumming game kinda like Dance Revolution except you had to keepup with the drumbeats onscreen. It was a fun time.

The DOtD art from "Imagination Tribe' is great! I can't wait to see more.

We're on our own tonight so we're going to Myers Pumpkin Patch where we can get ourselves lost in the dark in a 24 acre corn maze. Doesn't that sound fun? I just hope we don't end up in Erwin again.;)


Xio said...

That place was alright, I guess.
They were very stingy with their offers.

"You get the family pack, but that only means you can play the electronic games, not the COOL ones!"

Snavleys said...

Aaron cut his hair and your hair is getting long. Looks like so much fun, I'm envious!

Anonymous said...

good times man i miss you guys so MUCH!!!hope you move up here,or els.muhahahahahaha.