Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tennessee Bound

We're off to northeast Tennessee tomorrow to visit some of our bestest friends! The kids are so excited and so is my phone. It will get a break from Tori and Sierra! They talk for hours every day. They have packed a ton of stuff and very few clothes. They just have so much to share with each other since they haven't seen them since April. I'll be taking my good ole laptop with me and will try to check in here now and then but it's usually a whirlwind of activity up there and something strange and different always seems to happen when these kids get together so we'll see. The energy they give off when they're all together wears me out but the happiness on their faces is amazing. I also get to see the tribes DOtD art since I'll be there in time for the trade!

Halloween will be so much fun away from Pensacola. There isn't a lot of celebrating that 'evil' holiday down here. My kids don't know what it's like to see lots of houses decorated and kids walking everywhere in costume. Here you pretty much have to drive them around to trick or treat because so few houses are participating. We'll be going to the town where we took a ghost walk the last time we were there so it should be a great time.

I took this pic the last time we were there from an interstate, don't remember which one. We were going somewhere and kept getting turned around. When we stopped on the side of the road to figure it all out, this was across the highway and I just had to get a shot of it. Beautiful! I want a house back in there.

Off to pack the sweatshirts and jackets so we don't freeze up there.

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Ren said...

The weather seems to have warmed just in time for you Gulf Coasters!:) We were freezing our butts off for a few nights and then it warmed up today. Feels great out's not freezing. Yippee.
Can't wait for you to get here!!
Sierra made me give her Melatonin tonight or as she said "I won't sleep".:)