Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I started a seasonal retail job a couple of days after we returned from Tennessee and it's been exhausting. I tend to forget how hard it is to take care of a household, keep the kids happy and fed and work at the same time without another parent around. At least it's only for the holidays and then hopefully I can go back to my most of the time non chaotic lifestyle. The first day was actually fun, the owner having given us carte blanche on setting up the shop. Tori went with and had a blast arranging things. She did an awesome job too! All those years of setting up toy stores, pet stores and candy shops in her bedroom gave her more marketing skills than I would have thought.

ATC trades are out of the question at the moment since I can't even seem to get all of the laundry done but I did finally make a basket. My first try, it was fun and I didn't mess it up too bad. It even sits flat on the table, kinda.

I've been working on the anything but paper trade for awhile now and have three finished. I'm afraid to ship them though, they'll probably fall apart. That's it for me for IT trades until after Christmas. Too much going on.

Tori seems to have found a new hobby lately. My camera is always in her room. Yesterday we had some really bad storms come through, tornado warnings and high winds. She got a couple of shots of the sky when the rain stopped and the sun was setting.

She also got a new shot of supermodel Koda. He is modeling his new business suit in this one. Looks like he thinks it's pretty funny. This dog will do anything she wants him too. He's such a laid back gentle soul.

Brandon and Tori want a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. I thought it was just another game system but it's not. It looks so cool! I will try my best but I refuse to camp out in front of Best Buy. Ok I probably wouldn't flat out refuse but I really don't want to.

Back to work tomorrow, maybe I'll find time to check in again before the new year.

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Ren said...

The basket turned out great! I'm impressed.:)

Tori and Sierra must be telepathically communicating, as Sierra has been taking photos a lot lately too (oh nevermind, I think I see the phone has become permanently affixed to her ear).

Tori's photos are kewl! That was a freaky looking sky, very dramatic.