Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween and other stuff

Halloween was awesome. People everywhere trick or treating. Jonesborough even closed off Main St and had a party in the street for the kids. I think this is the first time my kids have gone trick or treating with friends instead of family. Aaron even joined in after awhile. It was nothing like Pensacola. I am so glad we were here for it.

Wandered around Jonesborough again today only this time with company. I got some great pics too.

This one is a step made for carriages to stop by. The ladies could step down onto them. So cool that they are still there.

Today we went up to Buffalo Mountain. You can see that I'm smiling in the picture instead of crying. That's because Ren drove! I cannot drive up into those mountains even though Ren says that they are small. Yeah right. It was beautiful up there. The view is breathtaking. I collected some leaves to take home, so many colors. The kids 'stuffed' Brandon with leaves and made him into a scarecrow. He should have worn that outfit last night.

We went to dinner at Panera and had ice cream after. Sitting in the backseat with Jalen was an experience and I felt honored that he picked and poked at me. It told me that I was actually a person who deserved his attention. If he didn't think so he would have just acted like I wasn't there. I love hearing the things that he thinks up. Ren had him on her lap and he had his head back so that he was looking upside down. Finally he pulled his head up and told her that his blood muscles were breaking. Too funny.

It's Erica's birthday! 28, man that makes me feel old. Hope you had a good one Erica! (This was written on the first, just didn't get it posted until now)

Let me just throw in here that this blogger is a pain in the butt, it won't let you move the pictures where you want them.

Ok, that said, Ren's Day of the Dead party was great and we got to meet the Kuipers and some other new people. Teenage unschoolers are such awesome people! Dry ice in the punch added to the festivities and the cake was delish.

We're home now and the kids are bored and ready to go back. The dogs had a party while we were gone. They pissed all over the carpet because they were stressed. So, I shampooed until midnight after driving for ten hours and it still reeks. Anybody got any suggestions? I'm going to clean it again with vinegar and if that doesn't work, the carpet is coming out. Sometimes I question if they are worth all of the trouble but then I see this and know it is.


Chico said...

What wonderful pictures and I know you had a great time returning to dog piss or not. I'm glad you are home safe!

Ren said...

I just tried to leave a comment and it didn't work out...hopefully you won't get two of me saying the same thing.:)

It was SO great to have you all here (good to see you again Chico!). My kids are having withdrawls. Sierra is asking for a dog constantly now....we'll have to work on Markus.

LeaAnn said...

You can have one of ours! JK, but if you do get one, get a mutt, those full breds have issues. Tori and Koda have such a special relationship, she was torn between staying up there with Sierra and coming back to Koda. He *does* open cabinet doors to steal cookies but he only takes one at a time. Tori insists that he be allowed to eat what he wants, wonder where she came up with that idea.

Anonymous said...

awww koda is so sweet i want to sleep with him no fare