Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas


Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house,

Not much is stirring, I better not see a mouse.
(well, except for Brandon who stayed up all night so he can sleep until Christmas.)

Tori is nestled all snug in *my* bed, while visions of presents dance in her head,
Not caring about quality but quantity instead.

My packages mailed, but not there on time,
The USPS has no reason or rhyme.

The house is a mess because I haven't been home,
Retail at Christmas sucks to the bone.

The ham is still frozen through to the core,
And with Carrie's family coming, I'll probably need more.
Sh#t, I forgot the butter, back to the store.

Better get more paper in case I run out,
Oh forget it I'll wrap them in whatever's about.

The tree is all trimmed and looks quite lovely,
Oh wait, did I just get a whiff of dog pee?

There's too much to do and I'll never be done,
Unless I finish this post and get off of my bum.

So I'll end it by saying Merry Christmas to you,
Hope you have as much love in your home as I do.

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