Saturday, July 07, 2007


The kids found a Cicada on the deck one night. It was shedding it's shell at the time. They watched it until it was totally out of the shell...and took some pics. Click on the pics to enlarge.


Ren said...

OOoooh, that is so cool! I think cicadas are really beautiful and eerie creatures.

I would have tagged you for the 8things meme had I known you were going to be blogging again.:)

You should do it anyway. Does that count as a tag? Ok, you're it.

LeaAnn said...

Hey! I thought I already got out of that. Guess I'll be wandering over to your blog to see how this stuff works since I haven't a clue.

Oh and you can have the cicadas, Tori had that one crawling on her arms and everything while it was still in the shell, ewwwww. They have tiny little claws that stick into things to help them climb.