Saturday, July 07, 2007

Florida Coontie

Another plant in my yard identified. This one was just a small plant 11 years ago growing in the corner of the yard. We transplanted it to where it is now and it has grown well since. It is a Coontie, native to Florida and some say it's as old as dinosaurs. Native Americans used the roots for flour. The Seminoles came later and called it arrowroot. The roots are toxic but they ground them up, fermented them and somehow made them edible. Did they just use trial and error to find ways to lessen the toxicity? It's a beautiful plant and hardy. It pretty much takes in stride everything Florida weather throws at it. They grow extremely slow and became quite extinct at one time. From what I've read, they usually don't grow this far northwest in Fl but here it is.

2 comments: said...

Hi there,
I absolutely looooove this plant of yours! I've only got 2" pot size plants here at the moment, and was wondering if I would be allowed to use your photo (as it is truly amazing!) to sell my 2" plants?
Cheers, El

LeaAnn said...

Thanks! It's even bigger now. Feel free to use the picture.