Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chico's Photography

Chico finally got a new digital camera to play with. He takes awesome pictures. Here's a few of my favorites. Make sure you enlarge them.

It took me forever to figure this one out.

They were taken in Ohio, I'm not sure where. Maybe he can identify them in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Nice pics, if I do say so myself ...

First two are from Alum Creek Reservoir, Alum Creek State Park, Delaware Ohio, two different trips and the third one was taken at the bottom side of Griggs Dam, Scioto River, here in Columbus. Thanks LeaAnn for puttin them up to share!


Ren said...

Now see, if I were talking film here, I'd say he double exposed that bottom pic. But it's not. So he didn't. Not sure how you do that with digital photography but I can bet it's a helluva lot easier.:)

Love them!! Hi Chico.:)

LeaAnn said...

It's a pic of water, the trees are a reflection. Everything is underwater except for some rocks and a leaf on the far right. I think he turned it upside down too. If I'm wrong I'm sure he'll correct me.

Chico said...

LeaAnn is right ... just a reflection in a little standing water next to the river. But, it is not upside down, this one is as shot ... this time!

Nothing like a good reflection in water to screw-up your eye/mind sync.