Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fair Time

We went to the Pensacola Fair last night only because we had free tickets. There was a Wild Frontier thingy with Timber Wolves and Tori wanted to see them. Well, this is Pensacola and since it had rained they called off the show and we could only see them in their cage. Probably a good thing because if they made them do tricks Tori would have been very upset. They are beautiful. We stood outside the cage and they watched us. Tori and Aaron started jumping up and down and one of them copied them every time. I didn't get any good pictures, their eyes glow in the flash but it was cute.

Tori did make out on a water game with two huskies. (wolves to her) It was a slow night and she was being used to draw more players. After checking out the Art in one of the buildings and eating some greasy fair food which we all regret, we called it a night.

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Chico said...

As long as Mom doesn't think they are good EBay material, Tori can call them anything she wants!

And damn, she is growing up ...