Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Finally, finally we had a get together for the big kids and the best part......it wasn't before noon! All three of mine showed up for this because they didn't have to go sleep deprived and it wasn't at a park. For years it has only been Brandon and Tori who were willing to forgo sleep for social time, and then it was just Tori and lately none of them want to go to things held in the morning. Not that I blame them, I'm a nite owl myself.

We all went to Diane's Sat evening for a small gathering and ended up staying until 11:30 pm. The kids all had a great time with three different gaming systems set up. Diane's place is on Pensacola Beach and we moms enjoyed sitting on the deck, had great conversation and some good food too. It's hard to find teens to hang with in P'cola so it's a real treat when we do. Tori would have been the only girl but she brought a friend and a neighbor girl was there. They walked on the beach in the dark, venturing in now and then to watch the gaming. And I didn't get any pictures! I *did* have my camera with but totally forgot to use it. We're going to try and do it again real soon.

Erica and family will be here by Friday for a week, trust me, I'll have plenty of pics then. After that Brandon is heading off to Tennessee to hang with Ren's family for a couple of weeks. We all want to get into his suitcase but I guess we'll just have to be satisfied with the stories he brings home. He's flying and changing planes in Atlanta. I did get him an escort because he's never flown before and Atlanta airport is not the best for first timers, let alone 15 yr old first timers. He is excited. Thanks Ren!

Seacrest Wolf Preserve is having a volunteer cleanup day in October. Tori will definitely want to be there. She wouldn't turn down a chance to see the wolves and help them at the same time . Life's looking pretty busy and fun for the upcoming weeks.

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Ren said...

I'm glad Diane got a place at the beach again, after Ivan took away their last house!! yikes.

We are SO excited to have Brandon coming...YIPPEE!! My kids are going to make me insane until he actually gets here.:)

We're making plans for an all night "zombie fest"...ooooh.