Monday, October 15, 2007


Erica and family have come and gone, we had a great time but it always seems to pass way too fast. The weather didn't cooperate and it was extremely hot while they were here. The new Perdido Kids Park was awesome for the big kids and little kids and the backyard is always fun for the little ones.

We tried the beach one day and got attacked by biting flies. Not fun and we didn't stay long.
The water was pretty nasty too from all of the recent activity in the gulf and it was a yellow flag.
Carrie and family came over one night and we all played Sing Star. Boys against girls, the girls lost because the boys had Cody and Brandon. To be fair Cody did stand in a few times for those who didn't know the song and that gave them a big lead. It was fun. Never a dull moment when they're all here. I caught Ethan and Caiden off in the library doing their own thing. Caiden had the digital drums and Ethan was on guitar. They were rocking out.
Too cute!
Wow, Ethan is really dirty in this picture. He'd been outside playing all day waiting on Caiden to arrive. Isn't it refreshing that he can choose to keep playing without being made to stop and take a bath first and lose those precious rare minutes with his cousins.
We did have the old stand by 'The Wiggles" but this time it was Miles who wanted them on. Ethan has moved on to bigger things, like Tori's Littlest
Pet Shop and Spiderman.

It's very quiet here now with everyone gone and Brandon off visiting in Tennessee. He flew alone and I'm not too sure that he'll get back on the plane to fly home. It scared him a bit when the connecting flight hit some turbulence. Not only that but he's been there almost a week and I've only talked to him once. Ren, where's that blog? We miss him!


Ren said...

We're not sending him back!!:) We were joking about adopting John and Brandon tonight. My guys were serious though. I figured you might have a problem with it though. Damn.

Let's see....I am so far behind on blogging that I will never catch up I'm afraid. We watched horror movies and had a Thanksgiving dinner last night. Made Sushi and celebrated Moira's birthday the night before.

We're planning on hitting Asheville next weekend. I've decided that the elusive "when things calm down" doesn't exist in this life. lol

Ren said...

I got off on our plans and forgot to post my initial reaction to the latest pics here!! Tori looks SO growed up. Dang. Ethan and the wee babsy man have changed so much too. Where is my life going? I no longer have any concept of passing time....sigh. First sign of senility right?