Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rice Everywhere

Brandon gave us a lesson on sushi rolling. First we payed a visit to "Tin Tin's Oriental Foods" store down the street from us. The lady there was very nice and showed us to the seaweed wraps, gave us tips on what to use and insisted that we make a dipping sauce with sweet chili sauce and mayo. It's an awesome sauce.
Aaron made rice balls or onigiri, stuffing them with such things as crab and smoked salmon and some kind of tofu concoction he made. Tori and I made egg rolls and there was rice from one end of my kitchen to the other. We used sticky rice, (a first) and the first batch was a big glob of glue. I thought about using it in place of super glue for a few things. That stuff is a mess!

We had enough food to open up our own sushi bar but it seems to be disappearing rather quickly. I think the nice lady at Tin Tins has made some new friends and my kids have a new favorite place to shop.


Ren said...

Awesome! Tin Tin's is that place near Bread of Life Bakery right? I was going to suggest that as a place to find Nori. I love the hot/sweet chili sauce. Never thought of mixing it with mayo...weird!:)

B's mohawk looks good still....(cheesy griin)

LeaAnn said...

Yeah, close to Bread of Life. Ivan pretty much destroyed Tin Tins so they leveled it and rebuilt and now it's bigger and better.
The mayo just makes it creamy, you just use enough to turn it an orange color. It's really good like that. Hell, she had to show me the chili sauce because I had no clue what it was.
Chili dogs, now that I know but sweet chili sauce....well....

I like his hair, it looks really good on him.