Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun With The Camera

Shadows and Reflections

Chico and I went on a picture taking spree around Pensacola. These are a few that I took. Make sure to click to enlarge, especially the tunnel at Fort Barrancas. The windows look really weird.


Ren said...

They're awesome! I really love the one of you in the water (or is that Tori and she's grown more than I thought???)
I used to LOVE shooting at the forts (oh, that sounds funny)...photos, not guns of course.:)

LeaAnn said...

That's Tori and she's grown more than you thought. ;)

Ren said...

Holy crapoly! She is TALL. Dang..has it been that long? You guys need to come back soon.:)

B&B said...

Howdy neighbor! (or should I say from the East coast?) I love your pictures! They are beautiful!

Peace and Laughter,
Vicki (Deland, Fl)