Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthday Cakes, Cows, Wool, Birds and Buttons

I have been slacking here a lot but I've been extremely busy so I'll try to catch up a bit. Tori had a birthday the other day and I was too lazy to make the cake so she got these.

Hard to believe that she's 12 now!

Today the little girl next door was over and wanted Brandon to dress up in a cow costume. Well, he's a sucker for little kids so of course he did it. That wasn't enough for Savannah, she wanted him to skateboard out front with the costume on. The thing that got me was how he just did it, not worrying about what anyone would think. He wasn't worried about looking uncool, he was just being himself. Must be all of that peer pressure he's 'missing' from not being in school. Ya think?
He did look pretty funny though so we have to share.

I think spring is right around the corner. There were a thousand birds and squirrels in my backyard yesterday. They were feasting on the acorns that fell like crazy last fall. It was 72 here Tuesday, 37 Wednesday and about 55 today. The weather is killing me. C'mon spring!

Koda would have had a field day if he was out there. He loves chasing them. Speaking of Koda, this is a sweet picture of him and Tori's ferret sleeping together. They're buddies. You have to look kinda close because they are the same colors.

I'm patiently waiting on my yarn to come in the mail, I need to make more bags. In the meantime I thought I'd try some real felt making. It was fun and easy and it turned out great! Tomorrow when it dries, I'll turn it into something or other. I tried to post it on thing-a-day but I gave up. That site is just too busy and it keeps messing up on me so I'll just post here.

I got some really nice buttons from Andrea today. They will be perfect for my bags. She makes the most awesome costumes from every time period. I wish I could sew like that. If you're in the market for a costume you have to check her site out.

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Dana said...

I stumbled upon your blog and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on how to felt in a front loader. My machine doesn't seem to have just an agitate setting. I am sure that it is something simple but I am just not quite smart enough to figure it out. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


LeaAnn said...

Hi Dana,
You'll probably want to test a piece first. Make a swatch and put it in the wash on the smallest load and hot wash.Don't forget the soap. Let it run all the way through and see if it felted as much as you wanted it to. If not run it again. Try different cycles until you find one that works. Just remember that some yarn felts faster than others so you'll need to test each kind or you can do like me and just throw it in and let it do its stuff. I like not knowing what I'm going to get until it comes out. I never stop the wash and check it. Sometimes I end up with a change purse when I planned on a bigger bag but it's all good.

Ren said...

I'm so glad you made Andrea's aquaintance!! Her costumes are truly amazing.

Brandon is getting good with that skateboard..dang. We miss you guys. Bring that cow costume up here, it would drive the neighbors crazy.;)

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