Monday, April 14, 2008

Disney, Earth Day and Tomatoes

Aaron got his acceptance letter from the Disney Career Start Program for the fall. He'll be working and learning at Disney for 7 months. It sounds like a great program and we're all excited for him. He will be missed a lot but we'll go visit him often.....and he can get us in the parks for free!

My first show with my felted art handbags is this Sat at Pensacola's Earth Day Celebration. If you're in Pensacola make sure you come by. I have spent the past 3 months creating and I'm really getting excited about this. I have many plans for my stuff after that but for now I'm concentrating on the show. My two small grandkids are staying and 'helping' me this week. Should make things interesting.

The tomato plants with flowers! They're doing really well so far. I've found that by pinching off almost all of the new sprouts and lower leaves that the flowers are much more abundant. Hopefully the tomatoes will be too.

I've been too busy for pictures and for this blog for that matter but I'll take some this weekend and post them next week sometime.

Wish me luck!

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