Sunday, August 03, 2008

Updates and All That

I have been gone for quite awhile because life just took all of my time. Well, it still does but I'm here for a quick update for anyone who still bothers to read here.

It's been a crazy summer and I'm happy that it's almost over, the heat is ridiculous. My tomatoes did really well this year. I experimented with taking most of the leaves off the plants and got tons of tomatoes. I still haven't figured out how to get that second harvest though. Seems like I get one and then they just stop producing. Ah well, someday.

My yard is full of weeds again but hey, it's green and covered. Tori has a problem with weed killers so we tried some non toxic recipes but the weeds here in P'cola laughed at them. I pull them every once in awhile but really don't have the time to keep up.

The business is going great! Tori, Brandon and I have been at lots of festivals and farmers markets. I'm actually showing a profit after three months! Yay. It takes a lot of time but at least it's something I love. Someday soon here, I'll be updating my website so make sure you check it out. A lot of the stuff on there has sold and I have tons of new stuff to add. I still have some ideas floating around that I really need to try out too.
Chico had a heart attack a few weeks ago and we took an emergency trip to Ohio. He's home now and doing good. Looks like he'll be good as new in a couple of months. Scary stuff. Even though his attack wasn't caused by his diet, looks like his love of greasy foods are in the past.......mostly. Exercise people, eat healthy and keep that state of mind young!

Tori came down with a case of the shingles. It is quite painful and the rash looks really nasty. If anyone wants chicken pox, you're welcome to come and visit. She is contagious. She is into the Twilight series and always has her nose in a book. It has taken some getting used to, seeing this girl who never reads turn into a bookworm.
Aaron is getting ready to go to Disney in a few weeks. We'll be driving him there and helping him to settle in. I'm not too sure how I feel about it all but it is a great opportunity for him and I think he'll have a fabulous time. We're working on his list of things to pack.

A new dojo opened up a couple of blocks away and Brandon really wants to get back into martial arts. He'll be trying out one of their classes to see if it's a good fit. It's full contact and we all know how Brandon likes flirting with danger. He has been applying for jobs, cross your fingers for him.

Cody had a lump on his eyebrow, scared us all badly, it turned out to be a benign tumor. They removed it and now he has a sexy little scar that the chicks will love.....according to him.
And look how big he and Nicky are.....I am soooooo getting old.

Erica and family are still in Vegas and I miss them terribly. It would be awesome to get a visit from them.

Nik is back overseas until Nov. Send him good thoughts to keep him safe. Send them to Carrie too while she single handedly takes care of five kids and an in home day care. Whew.
Some needle felted art that I did. (Wool paintings) I love this stuff, it is so fun......and so time consuming.

Dolphins on a small bag

Carrie's unfinished Bible cover Pony silhouette

Sails in the sunset


Snavleys said...

Good to see how you are all doing. I'll take some of your heat!! Send it this way! We've had the coldest summer since 1970 -only three days over 70 degrees and only five over 65 degrees. It's been cold!!

Ren said...

I haven't checked in here for a while! Dang.
Those kids just keep growing like crazy...tell them to knock it off.;)

Somehow, I have a feeling Brandon is going to love that class. You're now the 5th person to mention the Twilight series. I keep saying I'm going to get the first book....

The IT donation got here last night. We LOVE the felted stuff. Gosh it's purty.
Tori looks pissed of as flat Tori! I guess I'd be pissed if someone flattened me out and mailed me.;)