Saturday, May 10, 2008

American Idol

Ok, we all know that I'm an idol addict but this year was different. I haven't had a favorite since Kellie Pickler in season 5. This year Jason Castro was definitely my favorite. I didn't want him to win because the idol machine would ruin him but I was glad to see him stay as long as he did. Aside from his music which I love and his laid back attitude, I couldn't put my finger on what it was about him that I liked so much. Andrew Sullivan fom the Daily Dish has done it for me.

"his sweet-eyed nonchalance, his obvious ambivalence to the commercial cheesiness of the show, his indifference to the cult of celebrity and vanity and ambition that Idol represents. He actually seemed comfortable being himself. He didn't need this shebang. And to see that personal security on network television - a walking (well, meandering) rebuke to the need for external validation and celebrity culture - evoked pure wonder. I was smitten."

And this:

"Between Jason Castro and David Archuleta, you see two ways of living in the world: one sacrificed to external recognition and one indifferent to it. We all have a bit of each in us in this tabloid, celebrified world. But Jason, to my mind, will probably live a much happier life. And he'll know, at some level, why. There's a lesson in there somewhere - even on a reality show."

I'd be willing to bet that his parents have a bit of unschooling and respectful parenting philosophies in their souls.

Listen to Jason's Hallelujah.

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