Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Big 50

Life sure has been changing rapidly around here and it isn't because I hit the half century mark either. I still can't believe I made it this far. As you all know, Aaron decided to move to Orlando for 5 months and Brandon has a job! He isn't old enough to have a job, I know because I was there when he was born, couldn't have been more than 9 or ten yrs ago. Even though he's still that 10 yr old in my mind, he insisted on having a job so that he can buy that 700 dollar telescope he's had his eye on. So he got dressed up and I dropped him off at the interview at Mickey D's. Same place, btw, that Aaron worked at before Orlando came into the picture. He came out smiling and happy that he got a date with the orientation session. The interviewer talked more about Aaron than Brandon and that was fine with Bran because he was stressing about answering too many questions.

All I can conclude out of that was that unschooled Aaron, that kid who slept all hours of the day and would never never know how to get along if he actually HAD to get up in time for work, or have a clue how to do what was expected out of him at work because he wasn't made to do chores must have done ok there, huh? Oh and just to set you moms at ease who have teens that sleep all day, he now gets up and gets himself to work on time at Disney by 5:30 am and even has to ride the bus to get there.

I got sidetracked there, back to the subject I started with. Tori decided to sleep in her own room a couple of months ago and is still there! So to those who told me she would never sleep in her own room I say....really? I miss her, the bed is too big and I still stay on my own side, all night. It's weird not having legs or arms on me and I had to get another blanket because it's cold by myself. Koda, the traitor, used to sleep with me but where Tori goes he must follow so there you have it.

My house is really quiet and even though I remember wishing I had some peace and alone time I don't really want it. I want my chaotic funny farm back.

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Ren said...

Aaaaawwww....come on up to my funny farm any time.:)

It gets a lot easier to have that long term perspective when the kids get older eh? I hope I don't get YOUR perspective for a while yet..not ready to be a grandma or anything! lol