Thursday, September 18, 2008

Art Shows in High Winds, Hurricanes in Ohio and All That

Friday, setting up for the Angel's Garden New Beginnings Art Show we had 30 and 40 mile per winds from Hurricane Ike to help. It was interesting but I think once is enough. I'll take the winds over what Texas got any day. Setting up a canopy in that is insane. After a trip to Lowes for dog ties and straps we finally got it set up, it took about 2 hours. The show started Sat and the winds were a little better, down to about 20 mph and by Sun it was back to hotness! Deb Tracey, the owner of Angel's Garden Gift Shop has been putting on this show for 14 years. All proceeds go to Favor House, a domestic abuse shelter here in P'cola. She did an awesome job. It was really nice, live entertainment consisted of local musicians and dance troups. The attendees were great and I met some local women who get together for beading and more. One of them dyes her own wool and spins the coolest yarn I've ever seen. She teaches a class on spinning at Belmont and I really really want to learn how to do that! It was a fun, exhausting and profitable weekend.

This is what B did Sat morning.

Hurricane Ike went to Ohio, trees fell on houses, cars and in the roadways; power was cut off to something like 2 million people and some of them still don't have their power back yet. Chico's was out for about 3 days and I still can't get through to my aunt and brother on the other side of town. It was a bit strange having the shoe on the other foot. They are usually calling to check on me when hurricanes hit.

Brandon survived orientation at McDonalds and starts tomorrow. He's excited.

OH and my bags are now in this boutique!!!!!!! If you're in Pensacola, check it out!

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Ren said...

Wow! I miss you guys so much. All those names bring back memories. I wish we had something like Belmont up's pretty dang cool.

Sierra cried when she found out you weren't coming to ARGH. sigh. I'm hoping we can come south in the spring...hoping, hoping.:)