Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tori's Menagerie

Tori has acquired not one, not two but three rabbits. After trying to find somewhere, anywhere that would allow a 12 yr old to volunteer with animals, we pretty much decided that it's hopeless. Then we thought, 'ok, how about 4-H.' Well, if she wants to deal with animals, we'd have to drive to Milton because that's the closest and it's not close. Finally we came to the conclusion that she could just do her own 4-H projects and being in a residential area she had a choice between rabbits and a goat. We are in the county so a goat would be fine but I think we'd be in trouble with a cow or a pig. Anyway, next step, look on freecycle and maybe we'd get lucky. We DID get lucky, someone was looking for a home for three rabbits, cages and all accessories included! So she now has three bunnies.

Along with two ferrets, one is actually Aaron's but since he is gone Tori has taken her in.

Two fish.

...and two dogs.

We did find that the Humane Society would let her participate in their doggy bathe in fundraiser so she spent the morning bathing dogs of all sizes.

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