Friday, October 03, 2008

Stars Aligning and All That

Tori lucked into a volunteer/ apprenticeship position. She'll be bathing, comforting, playing with dogs and cats and all around gophering at a grooming shop right down the street. The owner offered to teach her grooming! A plus is there are wolf pictures on the walls in the shop. So she will be mentoring with a fellow wolf lover.

After searching high and low, a short email to an astronomy prof here in town led to Brandon getting involved with the Amateur Astronomy Club. Ahh star gazes on the beach with powerful telescopes and others who have loads of knowledge. What more could you ask for.

Sometimes things just fall into place.


Ren said...

We used to go do stuff with the astronomy club! One of my friends was a member and she'd let us know when things were going on...they're a bunch of cool nerds. lol

The guy in charge of the club had so many awesome stories that made it all come to life. I can't remember his name now but he worked at Target after they scaled back that department at the college.

LeaAnn said...

Dr Wooten, what a guy. I think he teaches at PJC and maybe UWF. Erica had him for astronomy at UWF but I don't know if he's still there.