Saturday, September 23, 2006

Koda's Birthday Party

Tori insisted on having a party for Koda. He's a mutt, part chow and part hound and cute! She says that dogs are people too. Huh? He had a cake made out of kibbles and bits and his two buddies, Molly and Fudge were there. I was the photographer. After the cake they had a tugfest with a stuffed Clifford dog. I'm sure Clifford wouldn't appreciate that. I didn't much either because their hair was everywhere when they were finished. The funniest thing is watching this tiny 14 yr old dachsund try to get the toy away from giant Molly. She just lays there while he pulls with his entire body but he's not about to give up. Now the other two are going to want a party on their birthdays too. (Tori will make sure that they do)Sigh.

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Ren said...

awwwww koda's b day i bet he had a grate time.