Monday, September 25, 2006

Pensacola Seafood Festival

Yesterday we went to the Seafood Fest downtown. It was hot! I love the arts and crafts booths that are set up everywhere, I saw one booth where a lady was selling flowers made from polymer clay. They were very life like.

The boys wanted to see a couple of cooking demos, which was the main reason we went. They were put on by area chefs.
I don't cook seafood but Aaron does. He's pretty good with grilled talapia and lemon sauce. I don't care for it myself, not much of a seafood lover but he cooks it now and then for the three of them and they love it. In between demos Aaron bought a gator on a stick. Gross! We picked up one of the cookbooks and now he has recipes with names like 'Jumbo Lump Crab with Goat Cheese' and 'Crawfish cheesecake'. Good thing I got more Ohio tomatoes today because that's what I'll be eating when they decide to have those recipes for dinner.

I found some really cool beaded bracelets that will be perfect for belts for the dolls I'm working on. The vendor was all the way from Greenville SC. I told him he needed a website so I could order more when I run out. It was fun but way too hot to stay long. The kids got slushies and we left just in time for the storm that wasn't forecast to hit.


Ren said...

Well neener, neener it's cool enough here that we have to wear sweaters at night! Doesn't it make you wanna run to the mountains?;)
Wish I coulda caught the seafood fest with you all.

LeaAnn said...

Hmm, the mountains, no. The weather? Yes it does.